Fris vodka

Fris vodka

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Fris vodkaCountry of origin: Denmark
Distilled from: Wheat
Distillation: FREEZE distillation
Flavor profile: Subtle, well-rounded taste of grain, with slight undertones of citrus and a fresh bouqet.

About Fris vodka

You might not think of chemistry as simple, but in this case it is. Fris vodka's unique freese distillation process removes harsh-tasting impurities, leaving only the most subtle flavors.

The flavors, simply enough, come from the ingredients that are used to make Fris: the finest whole wheat and the perest artesian water from nothern Denmark. Of course, it took centuries of experience to realize these are the ideal foundation for a smooth, well-balanced vodka. Now that you know it - and all about Fris - you can simply enjoy Fris however you want - on the rockes, in shots, long drinks, and even in more complicated cocktails.