Danzka vodka

Danzka vodka

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Danzka vodkaCountry of origin: Denmark
Distilled from: Wheat
Distillation: 4 times, triple filtered
Flavor profile: Extremely smooth, delicate aroma.


About Danzka vodka

The characteristic Danzka vodka metal bottle was designed specially for drinking vodka chilled. According to a study by an independent research institute, the aluminium is proven to chill the vodka faster than glass. This allows for easier enjoyment at optimal temperatures. The bottle represents the best of Scandinavian design - streamlined, sophisticated and practical a the same time. Danzka vodka - MADE TO CHILL.

Danzka vodka is made with 100% whole wheat and comes in several flavors: Citrus, Currant, Grapefruit and CranberyRaz. Danzka vodka is produced to be enjoyed chilled to fully bring out its delicate aromas.

Danzka Denmark vodka is well known for its smooth taste and was originally developed in 1989, using 150 years of experience to ensure true quality. Whether you like vodka chilled or mixed, Danzka vodka is the perfect choice.