Van Hoo vodka

Van Hoo vodka

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Van Hoo vodkaCountry of origin: Belgium
Distilled from: Grain
Distillation: 4 times, charcoal filtered
Flavor profile: Neutral vodka with a semisweet palate and a warming finish

About Van Hoo vodka

Tradition and modern technique blend in this quadruple distilled, charcoal filtered vodka. A combination of continuous and pot stills is used. Van Hoo won a gold medal at the 1998 World Spirits Championships in Chicago, and out of 65 vodkas entered, including the leading sellers around the world, Van Hoo finished in the top three.

The Van Hoo distillery, in the village of Eeklo, is the oldest distillery in Belgium and has been producing fine spirits since 1740. Van Hoo, an ultra-premium vodka is carefully crafted respecting tradition while, at the same time taking advantage of modern techniques. Distilled four times, charcoal filtered and never compromised.Van Hoo Vodka ensures exceptional quality and an unmistakably clean taste.