Hertekamp vodka

Hertekamp vodka

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Hertekamp vodkaCountry of origin: Belgium, by P. Bruggeman
Distilled from: Grain
Distillation: Successive distillations
Flavor profile: The taste is soft and delicate

About Hertekamp vodka

Premium class vodka tailored by Russian tradition. A delicate mixture of pure demineralized water and 96% of alcohol made of the best quality corn. Successive distillations give the corn alcohol its strength and powerful character. When it was flowed over a bed of active carbon it becomes crystal clear.

Hertekamp vodka 40 has a subtle flavour, preferred by Europeans and Americans.The taste is soft and delicate and is best when chilled. Hertakamp vodka is created in limited quantities to preserve its exceptional quality.

Vodka Hertekamp suits the most exquisite demands. Especially designed for non-European markets, this vodka combines an eye-catching presentation with a superb quality,