Reyka vodka

Reyka vodka

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Reyka vodkaCountry of origin: Iceland
Distilled from: Wheat and barley
Distillation: Distilled in a distillery operated by geothermal heat
Flavor profile: Super clean, premium vodka that has an environmental conscience

About Reyka vodka

As the first vodka to be distilled and bottled in Iceland, the makers of Reyka have created their ideal vodka using the country's pristine resources. Not only is this barley and wheat vodka clean, but it also comes with an air of prestige to it due to the distillers behind it, William Grant & Sons (makers of Glenfiddich, The Balvenie and Hendrick's Gin) and Master Distiller, Kristman Olafsson. These masters of spirits have designed the distillation perfectly to fill a need for a purer and more responsible production and, as Olafsson puts it, a "uniquely Icelandic" vodka.

Amidst the clean air of the village of Borgarnes in western Iceland, sits the distillery where Reyka comes together. The entire operation is run by the abundant geothermal heat of the land, a factor that led to the naming of the spirit as Reyka (Ray-kuh) is an ancient Icelandic word for steam or smoke. Small batches of only 235 cases per distillation contain glacial water from the Grabok Spring, which runs through a 4,000 year old lava field. Researchers have tested the waters and found there to be zero impurities. The resulting vodka is a testament that if clean products go in, clean products come out.