Inferno pepper vodka

Inferno pepper vodka

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Inferno vodkaCountry of origin: Canada
Distilled from: Rye
Distillation: 4 times, charcoal filtered
Flavor profile: Heat and sweetness, delivering a remarkeable taste, as well as a fantastic aroma.

About Inferno vodka

A Canadian-made vodka, Inferno comes in a distinctive jug-shaped bottle with two large peppers inside. As the vodka ages, the peppers gradually lose their color, infusing the vodka with more spice and heat.

Clear with a very slight straw cast. Medium-bodied. Green pepper, jalapeno. A pungent chili-dominated nose shows an unusual green edge. Smooth on the entry, but rapidly shows an intense spicy quality of the "burns your lips" variety. Interesting for spicy bloody Marys perhaps, but on the masochistic side without a mixer.