Wyborowa vodka

Wyborowa vodka

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Wyborowa vodkaCountry of origin: Poland
Distilled from: Rye
Distillation: Two stage, the second of which is a triple distillation
Flavor profile: Exceptionally


About Wyborowa vodka

Wyborowa is a brand of vodka originating in Poland. Its production started in 1823 in Poznań distillery owned by businessman Hartwig Kantorowicz. However, it took over 40 years until Wyborowa was exported. In the 1950s and 60s, Wyborowa became known in all major European countries - it constituted over 60% of the total volume of vodka imported to the United Kingdom. Wyborowa means exquisite in Polish.

After the period of economic transition in the late 1980s and early 90s, the Poznań distillery, like many others in the country, got itself into serious trouble and was close to filing for bankruptcy protection. However, due to the large international popularity of its major product, the plant was bought by the French alcohol producer Pernod Ricard. The new owners have shown great respect towards the long traditions of Wyborowa and have kept the product unchanged.