Ultimat vodka

Ultimat vodka

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Ultimat vodkaCountry of origin: Poland
Distilled from: Wheat, Rye and Potato
Distillation: Distillation process - precision hydro-selection
Flavor profile: Clear and smooth, unbelievable taste.

About Ultimat vodka

The creators of Patrón Tequila, the world's finest ultra-premium tequila, introduce the world's most distinctive vodka.

Ultimat Vodka is created from wheat, rye, and potato, each deliberately chosen to create a luxuriously unique spirit. Wheat creates a smooth texture, rye yields complexity and clarity, and potato adds richness.

Ultimat Vodka is masterfully distilled using artesian well water, ceramic filters, and the most advanced distillation process - precision hydro-selection, a vapor-liquid process. This, along with candlelight filtration, creates an ultra-pure, ultra-refined spirit that is then captured in a brilliant hand blown crystal decanter.