Buy Finlandia vodka Online

Buy Finlandia vodka Online

Buy Buy Finlandia vodka Online Online

Finlandia vodkaCountry of origin: Finland
Distilled from: Barley
Distillation: 400 years of Finnish distilling tradition
Flavor profile: Smooth on the palate but with a definite dry, almost salty bite

About Finlandia vodka

A well-know brand of vodka produced in Finland, 40 per cent alcohol by volume. Finlandia also make a 100 proof and a pineapple vodka.

Finlandia is a Finnish vodka produced from six-row barley. Of all Finnish products, it is the brand name that most foreigners associate with the country. Despite this it is almost exclusively directed at the export market. Finlandia was launched in Scandinavia in 1970 and in the United States in 1971.

It is exactly the same alcohol as Koskenkorva. However, it has a slightly higher proof, 80, and lacks the small amount of sugar as in Koskenkorva. Even these minor modifications to the recipe result in a markedly dryer taste.

Today the Finlandia vodka brand is wholly owned by Brown-Forman Corporation, an American company. The contract between Altia and Brown-Forman determines that Altia remains the sole producer of Finlandia until at least 2017, and Altia produces the alcohol at the Koskenkorva distillery.