Turi vodka

Turi vodka

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Turi vodka
Country of origin: Estonia
Distilled from: Rye
Distillation: 4 times, charcoal
Flavor profile: Smooth, clean with a mild, peppery aftertaste.


About Turi vodka

Türi vodka, crafted in Estonia from a 500-year-old recipe, will be available in select stores on Sept. 1 in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami. The latest introduction from Bacardi USA has a smooth, unusual quality that is likely to inspire many mixologists.

Türi vodka is made from fresh spring water and rye grain. Quadruple distilled and charcoal filtered, the finished spirit has a unique, smooth character.

The spirit is packaged in an elegant, clear bottle with a silver-toned cap in deference to another of Estonia's great traditions: silversmithing.

Estonia is the northernmost Baltic State, located in the heart of the vodka belt which stretches from Russia through Finland, and boasts a rich history in crafting vodka in the "vodka kitchens" of its thatch-roofed manor houses.

Türi vodka is the only Estonian import created, sourced, distilled, and bottled exclusively in Estonia; it is crafted at the AS Onistar distillery. Its suggested retail price is $29.99 for a 750 ml bottle